Our Story

Charming Beetique was born out of my desire to raise awareness and spread love.
Bee laying in a NICU pod, he has a draining tube in his mouth, and white mittens on his hands, he also has one foot sticking up in the air
Our story truly began because of WB or Bee as we've shortened it. Bee was born at full term but was the size of a preemie. We spent the third trimester of my pregnancy paralyzed by fear. We thought we knew what was lying ahead with all the high-resolution ultrasounds during my third trimester but when he was finally here we had nothing right. It is exactly like when you first hear about a diagnosis and just read the black text on the white paper. Nothing is exactly as that paper says. It's part of the journey of being a family with so many intersections.

I wanted to bring awareness to NICU and PICU parents/children, but that desire only came after becoming one. I wanted to put Bee in a NICU graduation shirt because he deserves that celebration. I feel the same way about his feeding tube, and his rare diseases (he has two). I love seeing him rock things that I have designed or had artists help design.

As for me, I am a disabled bisexual neurodivergent woman. I have the unique luxury of raising another disabled and rare disease kiddo. These collections are born: of our special interests, need to advocate/educate, or just because they are for communities we are a part of. We hope you are able to find something that makes you feel like the beautiful stardust you are.

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With Love,
Ashley aka Plurbaybee